I was born in Virginia in 1987.

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Statement August 2014

My body thumps.

I use my body and performance as means of approaching the same center- my self. I feed senses and questions off of one another through action and language. Nothing is separate and it can’t be. I am also not separate from my viewer.

I was born in Virginia. Both sides of my family are from the mountains. I feel like I should be from the mountains. I run, I bruise and bleed, and sometimes my feet get cold.

Can I forgive myself something? I contemplate questions (not answers) as actions. In the moment when my shoulder blade scrapes along the wall and my fingers can’t reach any further, I pause before my knees buckle and I reach a little further. I exist with my body and mind unified through the effort I expend.

With urgency, I struggle to press myself to communicate without retreating. If I can put myself before others unguarded and vulnerable, then in this pivotal state I can figure out a way to exist. I could alter myself. Even better, I could figure out how to accept myself as no different from you without knowing who I am. And I could offer you the same opportunity for yourself.

By withholding neither my fears nor my failures, but by instead engaging them with an audience, I open up more possibilities of how to be.

My heart is very near my hand.


May 31- June 21, 2014: Thesis Show at UC Davis.

May 2013: First-Year Show opening at UC Davis.

Fall 2012: Started the MFA Studio Arts program at UC Davis.